The Common Causes Of Poor Air Flow From An AC

Poor air flow from an air conditioner is something that most people want to avoid. There are actually a number of common causes for this issue that all AC owners need to know about like the aircon leaking water. When you understand what the problem could be, you will be able to determine what can be done to remedy this.

An Obstructed Condenser Unit

An obstructed condenser unit is a common cause of air flow problems and is something that you can fix yourself. All air-cooled systems will have a condensing unit which is typically located in a mechanical room or outside. Outside units are particularly vulnerable to obstruction from leaves and other debris which can accumulate around the unit.

The first step you should take to improve the air flow of your unit is to clear the area around the condenser. This should allow enough air to flow through the unit and into your home. If you do not clear the obstruction, the unit can overheat as it does not have the air access it needs.

Blocked Vents And Registers

Another common cause of air flow problems that you can fix yourself is blocked vents and registers. To remedy this cause, you should check that all the vents and registers for the air conditioner are open and not blocked by any furniture. This is a common problem in offices and when you have moved your furniture in your home.

Clogged Filters

Most people cannot remember the last time that they changed the filters in their air conditioner. According to Billy Aircon Servicing, Filters complete a very important job as they remove the dust and debris from the air and keep it out of the ducts and equipment. If the filter becomes clogged or overloaded with this dust, it will slow the air flow of the unit. This can lead to areas of the house or office being stuffy with hot and cold spots.images

Clogged filters can also damage your air conditioner. This is due to the fact that the debris will enter the unit and cause problems. When you change the filter in your unit, you need to ensure that you do this according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also recommended that you change the filters on your unit as often as every month.

Blocked And Leaky Ducts

If dust gets past your clogged filters, it will end up in the ducts of your system. This will cause a buildup of dust and debris which will make the duct too small for the full capacity of your air conditioner. When the duct is narrowed, it will be easier for it to clog and harder for air to move through it.

If you have problems with your ducts, you will need to hire a professional to look at this. However, it is easy and often free to have the ducts inspected to see if they need to be cleaned. A professional will then be able to clean the ducts and this should remedy your air flow problems.

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